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Check out your property value based on recent market sales in your area, and if satisfied pay and print market sales comparision report in seconds with protest instructions included. Dont have time to protest yourself? We can help you as well.

About Us

We have over 27 years of experience in this field.!

Are you tired of your property taxes going up every year?. Have you tried protesting your appraised home values but have been unsuccessful or felt uninformed by appraisers terminology?. We at DIY Property Tax Solutions bring you our reports which are fine tuned to match the values very close what county internal application computations. We take pride in developeing our reports and leverage using Microsoft Azure Machine learning complex algorithms to bring you only the accurate reports that you can have successful protest. Our reports comparable are cherry picked based on very distinct characters of your property and parameters based on county information. It is not as simple as comparing your home to your immediate neighbors, trust us!

As a local realtor agent and and Texas State Licensed Property Tax Consultant we bring our experience and expertise to help you do a successful protest by proving a fine report to win the protest. We can also provide assistance and can represent your case on behalf if you have no time or new to this.

Property Tax Consultants don’t work so hard when it comes to residential accounts especially the ones with homestead. That’s why we are offering you this service. Just take controls of your taxes yourself.

Report Pricing

Report pricing based on your current county appraised value of your property

Less than $200K
49 USD
Between $200K and $500K
69 USD
Between $500K and $1M
99 USD
Over $1M
199 USD

For bulk order in batches of 25 properties contact us for pricing.


What am I buying here?

You are buying comparative market sales report that will be used as evidence at the appraisal district to get your values reduced based on recent market sales in your area. Click here to download the sample report for your download.

My tax agent is protesting already why should I Do-It-Myself? He only gets paid when the value is reduced!

Although when a property agent tells you will pay nothing until they get the value reduced, agents don’t care much about the residential because the commission they make from the savings is so small. They rather do the commercial accounts than homes with the homestead. That’s why we ask home owners to take control of your own taxes. Just like you do with your federal taxes every year. We have seen big property tax consulting firms show up at district to protest 100s of accounts at the same time. So think if they could have spent time on each account and have a good evidence to protest. That’s the main compelling reason why we created DIY Property Taxes. Letting you take in charge of your taxes.

What county can I print the report for?

Currently, only Fort Bend County properties are supported. For 2018 tax year we will start supporting Harris County and Galveston as well.

Are you a Texas State registered tax consultant and knowledgable about the process?

Yes very much. We took a long time to develop a complex algorithm which provides a good value of your house based on several factors. We have learned from our 27 years of experience saving million to our clients.

I have commercial and personal property, can you protest these type of properties?

Yes very much. Most of our clients are commercial and we take pride having saved million in taxes. Give us a call and we will set you up.

My taxes are paid from escrow should I still protest?

Absolutely. Escrow is just a holding account where you make payments to help money on your behalf and pay the county the property taxes you owe at the start of the year. Successfully protesting and reducing the taxes you owe will reduce your escrow monthly installments.

When are the property taxes actually due?

Please check with your county tax appraiser. Generally, they are due January of each year

Can I file a protest online and submit my data?

Yes. The most county currently allows online protest only if you are the home owner of the protest in protest. You will need to submit all the evidence and the value you say it should be. This is the exact place where you upload our report as evidence.

What if after the protest the value does not charge?

Protest can be two ways. In-Person and Online. For in-person you will visit the county appraisal offices (can be found on hcad.org, fbcad.org or galvestoncad.org) and fill out the protest form “Notice of Protest 50-132” that can found on the county forms page or downloaded from here https://www.comptroller.texas.gov/forms/50-132.pdf . In the section “STEP 3: Check Reason For Your Protest” check the box “Incorrect appraised” and on STEP 4 of the form say the recent comps show value lower than appraised. Put a value on “What do you think your property value is” the same Opinion of Value generated from DIYPropertyTaxes report.

The first stage of protest if called “Informal Protest” – This is where after filling out the form you will be made to wait at the county office and an appraiser will come and take you inside for the further discussions. Most likely the appraiser (County Employees) you will meet will be the one who is familiar with your area. He will ask a set of questions and ask you for evidence. Submit the report generated from the system and say this is “Comparative Market Sales” approach and protest. If appraiser agrees to the value or around the same value then you both agree and sign a waiver. If you don’t agree you can walk out and say I would like to go for “Formal Protest”. Don’t forget the appraiser and you are negotiating a price, don’t be stubborn or be rude to the appraiser. Be sweet and cut a deal!

The second stage of protest if called “Formal Protest or ARB” – You will be given a date during informal and you will appear with 5 copies of the evidence. You will be taken to a room where you will be recorded and meet 3 appointed citizens to review your case. First, you submit 4 copies of evidence to the appraiser in the room. This is the only time you will be allowed to submit all your evidence. The next 5 minutes only (yes only 5 min) is what you have to explain what’s in the evidence report. And don’t forget to say this is market sales approach of valuation. There will be to and fro of evidence between the appraiser and you then the board (3 citizens) will vote in favor of you or appraiser.  What happens later will be explained in the room. An appraiser may offer a better price at this stage and you can either agree or disagree.

The third stage of protest if called “Arbitration” – Instructions will be mailed to your home address. Here you will choose an independent appraiser of your choice from the Texas Comptroller Website and pay a deposit. This deposit will come back if the independent appraiser’s value is near to yours. You will lose this deposit if its other way.

My property information is wrong. How do I get it changed?

Visit your appraisal district in person and take all the blue prints and builder plan details with a photograph of the property to get the details corrected.

I don't have time to protest can you do it for me?

Absolutely, we have been doing this for over 27 years and will represent the county. Give us a call to get started.We also use the reports for this system as proof for getting the home values corrected.

When is it protest deadline?

May 31st every year. If you passed this date then county may still allow you to protested if you can give a good case as for why.

Per Section 41.44 (b) of the Texas Property Tax Code, A property owner who files his notice of protest after the deadline prescribed by Subsection (a) of this section but before the appraisal review board approves the appraisal records is entitled to a hearing and determination of the protest if he shows good cause as determined by the board for failure to file the notice on time.

I just protested last year why should I do it again?

Your property values are appraised every year. Means, the county will set new values for your house every year and mail you the letter and what taxes you may owe for this year. So if the value they set is incorrect or not in par with the market value you have to get corrected to save on your property tax bill.

I already have a property tax consultant representing me, can I remove them and do it myself?

Yes, you can. Just visit the appraisal district and tell them you would like to remove the tax consultant and do a protest yourself. They will ask you to fill up a form there and get you started on the protest process. If the tax consultant has already done formal protest then you may not be allowed to do informal protest again.

My neighbor’s property is just like mine but his value is much lower compared to mine, can I use that as evidence during the protest?

Not really. Although it is realistic It’s not that simple and straight forward to compare your property with the house next to yours. Appraisal districts use a complex matching algorithm that will look at various components and features of your house and pick few properties that match the same criteria. The valuation of your house is based on that.

I was not able to reduce the value based on your report. Can I request for refund?

Protest process is based on facts and evidence and how your represent your case to the district. While DIY almost mirrors their algorithm in choosing the value the appraiser may add or remove the properties in the comparison based on his local knowledge of the area. So it’s better to prove why the comparable listed in the DIY report is a better match and why the appraiser is not choosing the same ones presented. End of the day it’s a negotiation.